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Multi Millet Dosa Mix / Sirudhaniya Dosai Maavu
Multi Millet Dosa Mix / Sirudhaniya Dosai Maavu

Multi Millet Dosa Mix / Sirudhaniya Dosai Maavu

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  • Multi Millet dosa mix is a delight for all those looking for a healthy option for breakfast. Our millet dosa mix makes a tasty, crispy, easily digestible and filling breakfast that is packed with nutrients.
  • It also saves you the hassle of soaking and grinding the ingredients to make batter. Just add some water and salt to the millet dosa mix, let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • By the time you get your chutney/sambar ready, the batter will be ready and waiting to be made and you can go straight ahead to making a crispy and healthy breakfast for the family.
  • Take a break from making the usual dosa and idly for breakfast and throw an interesting and healthy spin on it by choosing our Multi Millet dosa mix! 

 Ingredients: Made from farm fresh parboiled foxtail millet, parboiled little millet, parboiled barnyard millet, pearl millet, mappilai samba rice, fenugreek and black urad dal.

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