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Kichidi Samba Parboiled / Puzhungal Arisi
Kichidi Samba Parboiled / Puzhungal Arisi

Kichidi Samba Parboiled / Puzhungal Arisi

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  • An ancient rice native to Tamilnadu, Khichdi Samba rice aka kichadi samba or kichili samba is one of the popular traditional rice varieties. It is a fine-grained, white rice that is excellent for sadam, biriyani and kanji.
  • The Tamil film songwriter Marudakasi was so thrilled by the taste of Kitchadi Samba rice that he made a special mention of it in his famous song “Mannaparai Madu katti”
  • Parboiled kichadi samba rice is milled after boiling and cooling the paddy, where much of the nutrition goes inside the rice because of parboiling and most of the nutrition is preserved.
  • Relatively low Glycemic Index of 50, hence suitable for diabetics. It will be a great substitute for white rice

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