Eat Healthy. Eat Seasonal. Eat Local.

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About Eat Local Madurai

There has been a careful selection process by our ancestors in identifying the right diet suitable for every climate, gender, age group, health conditions.

At Eat Local Madurai, we offer ethically grown, indigenous food produce, and value-added food products with traditional recipes and original methods. We find good food, close to you.

We proudly support as many local farmers, growers, and makers as we can.

At Eat Local Madurai, our aim is to

  • Make locally produced, nutrient rich, healthy food produce available & safely accessible to you.
  • Meet your dietary requirements that vary by seasons, age group, gender, and health conditions.
  • Offer a sustainable healthy diet and tasty recipes for an active and healthy lifestyle to achieve physical and mental well-being.

Reclaim your food choices!

So, why local produce? Well, locally grown food is typically more flavorsome and has more nutrients, because it's fresher and in-season. It hasn't travelled long distances or been refrigerated for who knows how long whilst en route.

Eat Healthy. Eat Seasonal. Eat Local

You are what you eat: Healthy food translates to nutritious, relevant, ethical & chemical-free. Healthy food acts as medicine to maintain, prevent, and treat diseases.

Eat in season for a reason: Flavors and nutrients in the seasonal food are much richer and more complete. Years of traditional wisdom and scientific findings suggest that cooling foods & warming foods grow in a cycle to compensate for what the climate does to the energy balance in our body.

Support your roots: Eating local food allows you to have more power to monitor where your food comes from, how it is grown and raised. By eating local you support local farmers, local economy, and create employment within the local community. 

Customer Support:

  • We deliver across Tamilnadu & Bengaluru. Safety Ensured
  • Our production facilities are open for visit
  • We provide customer support between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM to address any questions you may have about our products, recipes & services
  • We also provide blogs, videos and articles on health and wellness, recipes, and product awareness for subscribers


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