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foxtail millet millets thinai
Foxtail Millet Raw / Thinai Pacharisi

Foxtail Millet Raw / Thinai Pacharisi

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  • Foxtail Millet or Thinai is a non-acid forming, non-glutinous, and highly nutritious alternative for rice and wheat. The abundance of antioxidants soothes the mood and helps in relieving stress related ailments.
  • Ideal to make healthy sweet pongal, jeera rice, pulao, biriyani, idli, dosa, kichidi, adai, porridges and more.
  • Adding foxtail millet to your daily diet helps maintain blood sugar levels and can build up a strong resistance against heart diseases and cancers. Foxtail millets are unique in a way that they help eliminate viruses and germs from your body.
  • Rich in micronutrients, it contains 10 times more calcium than that of rice or wheat. Helps in the development of bones in children and maintains bone health in adults.

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